• [GOTO Issues for 2016 and the Legislative Short Session]

    Recent ACEC Legislative Victories

    ACEC/NC Infrastructure


    Support the State Blue Ribbon Commission studying Infrastructure Needs and Funding and development of a long-term funding program for non-transportation infrastructure.
    *Committee began meeting in 1-2016


    Support the development of a long-term sustainable funding program for transportation-related infrastructure, including the elimination of non-related transfers from the Transportation Trust Fund, stabilization of the State Gasoline Tax, and gap-funding for NCTA projects.


    Support the Governor’s “CONNECT NC” Bond Proposals as a complement to other funding programs being developed by the NC General Assembly.

    ACEC ACEC/NC Energy


    Support the development of a long-term sustainable energy program with appropriate funding that considers all energy sources.


    Support the reinstatement of Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credits due to expire.

    ACEC/NC Economic Development


    Support the reinstatement of Historic Preservation Tax Credits by the NCGA to promote continued economic development and conversion of existing properties to beneficial use.


    Support development of alternate incentives to help North Carolina compete in the economic development arena.


    Support investment in Water/Sewer/Storm water Infrastructure as studied by the State Blue Ribbon  Commission, support continued Regulatory Reform measures.


    Issues for 2016 and the Legislative Short Session

    Repeal the $ 500,000 Cap on Transit project funding

    (Revised to 10% Cap, but not repealed)

    Monitor the NCDOT plan for staff reductions 

    (Reorganization Plan issued 5-3-2016)

    Support the “Connect NC” Bond Referendum on the March, 2016 Presidential Primary Ballot 

    (Passed Unanimously, Engineering Community lead by ACEC/NC contributed nearly $90,000 to campaign for passage)

    Monitor the ERC’s review of “PVC Pipe Initiative” included in HB 765

    (ERC non-recommendation to NCGA)

    Continue the Regulatory Reform Process to streamline permitting processes 

    (NCDEQ Letter issued, follow-up on Streamlined Permitting needed)

    Support development and investment in Bio-Energy Resources 


    Monitor proposed changes to Engineering Firm Ownership proposed in SB 138

    (Dead in Committee, but could be re-introduced in 2017)

    Oppose the taxing of professional services 


    Support appointments of engineers to appropriate state boards and commissions 


    Support a further investment in transportation and vertical infrastructure 

    (House and Senate Long-Range Committees working on this)