• Project Engineer

    Job Description
    Apply engineering principals and concepts learned from previous experience and formal education. Plan and perform project management and engineering duties for design, construction administration, assessments, and investigations. Provide work direction to technicians and less experienced colleagues. Work includes engineering calculations and decision-making and is performed on multiple projects simultaneously. Review and seal project specifications for accuracy compliance with State Statutes. Recognize when there are better ways of doing things, research and recommend to the organization and participate in implementation.

    Core Responsibilities:
    1. Prepare engineering documents for use in construction activities. In order to prepare documents, collect and analyze field data of existing conditions, complete engineering calculations to determine design parameters and determine the best solutions to resolve existing problems within budget limitations. Calculations and project documents are reviewed for QA/QC but ultimately are the responsibility of the incumbent.
    2. Perform construction management duties. Duties include conducting initial meetings with contractors to describe the project, obtain pricing from contractors and review to determine relevancy to the project, and make recommendations to the client on the award of the project. Perform construction monitoring during the work to ensure the final product is in compliance with engineered project documents, and coordinate any deficiencies observed with the contractor for resolution. Identify, evaluate and implement potential solutions to resolve conflicts identified during the work.
    3. Conduct assessments and investigations. Duties include determining the appropriate processes to be used, assembly and operation of testing apparatuses, directing the making and repairing of destructive openings in roofing and wall systems. Prepare documentation describing the existing conditions and deficiencies observed, and provide recommendations for improvements to existing conditions.
    4. Other responsibilities as assigned.

    Skills and Knowledge:
    1. Have working knowledge of materials and installation processes used in roofing, wall and other envelope assemblies.
    2. Have working knowledge of Building Codes and engineering calculations, and use engineering judgment to apply these items to actual field conditions.
    3. Ability to understand project specifications, submittals, and other documentation, identify discrepancies between actual construction and project requirements, and articulate these discrepancies both verbally and in written reports.
    4. Ability to operate equipment used in assessments and investigations, including an infrared camera, electrical capacitance meters, water testing units, etc.
    5. Ability to communicate effectively.
    6. Ability to read, write and speak English fluently.
    7. Word processing, spreadsheet, and general computer skills.

    Education and Training:
    1. Bachelor’s degree in the engineering field.
    2. Professional Engineer certification.
    3. Has or working toward Registered Consultant certification(s).

    Work Experience: 
    Typically, four (4) or more years of professional engineering experience in a related field, preferably with a consulting and/or engineering firm. Formal educational or technical program in a relevant field or relevant certifications may count towards experience.

    Physical and Environmental Demands:
    1. Sufficient physical ability to perform moderate lifting (approximately 50 pounds maximum).
    2. Ability to stand or walk for prolonged periods of time.
    3. Ability to climb ladders.
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