ACEC/NC Initiates a State PAC and an IE!

    May 8, 2017


    The mission of ACEC of North Carolina is to promote the business of engineering through legislative advocacy and business services. To strengthen the effectiveness of our advocacy, at the May 4th meeting, the Board of Directors voted to incorporate an ACEC/NC Independent Expenditure Account (IE) and an ACEC State PAC.

    An IE is the most flexible of all advocacy/political action tools. An IE, in conjunction with a traditional PAC provides ACEC/NC enhanced ability to advance critical legislative issues that impact our membership and support candidates who support our issue positions. An Independent Expenditure Account gives us the capability to strengthen our voice with the North Carolina General Assembly and best advocate for issues important to the business of engineering!

    Independent Expenditure Account allows for the following:

    • Firm and personal contributions;

    • Engagement in electioneering communication to address issues and endorse candidates - advertising, voter contact, events, issue education, endorsement, etc.

    Independent Expenditure Account limitations:

    • Funds cannot be used for political events requiring a campaign contribution directly to candidates;

    • No direct coordination with a candidate or campaign regarding use of IE Funds.

    Benefits of an IE to ACEC/NC:

    • We are a firm-based organization - thus allowing member firms to contribute. (PACs can only accept personal contributions);

    • Flexibility in how we support a campaign or an issue, such as the NC Connect Bond Referendum;

    • Ability to form coalition partnering on major issues.

    ACEC/NC State Political Action Committee (PAC)

    • A new traditional PAC (personal contributions only) with the following limited goal: attendance at political events requiring campaign contributions to individual candidates;

    • Transition from EPAC to focus our efforts on the establishment of a PAC that works in conjunction with our IE.

    IE + PAC = Meaningful, Effective, Winning Strategies!

    Thank you.
    Jim Smith, PE
    ACEC/NC Exectutive Director
    Cell (919) 830-9631