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ACEC/PAC Major Donors

2020 ACEC/PAC Major Donors

Chairman new banner

$2,500 contribution - either all to the ACEC/PAC or at least $1,000 to ACEC/PAC and up to $1,500 directly to ACEC/PAC supported candidates in a calendar year.

Derek Clyburn

Gary Hartong

Millennium new banner

$1,000-$2,499 contribution in a calendar year.

Jeffrey Douglas
Stephen Greene

Scott Hinesley
Paul Meehan

Jason Peterson
Iona Thomas

John Weavil

Patriot new banner

$250-$999.99 contribution in a calendar year.

Neal Andrew
Jule Beauvais
Joshua Dalton
Colin Davis
Davis Diggs
Valoree Eikinas
Courtney Gamble

Brian Glidewell
Andrew Hadsell
Montell Irvin
Kraig Kern
John Lucey
Jessica McClure

Michael Munn
Eric Olsen
Elizabeth Phipps
David Pond
Matt Ryan
Stephen Safran
Michael Slusher

James Smith
Brock Storrusten
Radha Krishna Swayampakala
Patrick Waterman
Edward Wetherill

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