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ACEC/NC Communications Plan


Communications Objective

Improve communications vehicles, content, frequency, reach and strategy to engage and inform ACEC/NC’s stakeholder groups in a timely and effective manner.


1.  Build awareness of ACEC/NC mission, vision and value among:

  • Members
  • Members' Employees
  • Potential Members
  • Partner Groups
  • Legislators
  • Influencers
  • Other Stakeholder Groups

2.  Reach more employees at member firms

3.  Engage with and help encourage a greater diversity of membership

  • Age, especially young professionals age 25-40
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Professional roles

4.  Raise profiles of member firms in North Carolina

5.  Strengthen relations with community and industry partners

6.  Grow attendance at events, especially outside of Raleigh

  • Particularly Charlotte and Greensboro

Implementation Plan

The ACEC/NC website is its most critical communications tool. It’s the “central” information hub for members, partner, potentials members, media and anyone seeking information from or about ACEC/NC. The website is THE most important part of ACEC/NC’s brand and nearly all of its marketing efforts.

The association recognizes that a new, modern website is needed in short order. The following are objectives for the website that would support the communications plan and its components.

  1. Goals
    1. Function as a consolidated and effective online source of information
    2. Represent the ACEC/NC brand well
    3. Serve as a “home base” for social media and other electronic communications
    4. Effectively drive action and engage people in the following areas:
    5. Become a member today
    6. Sign up for our newsletter or email alerts
    7. Register for/Learn about upcoming events
    8. Donate to the PAC
    9. See pictures from events
    10. Download the content from member events or meetings
    11. Follow us on our social channels
    12. Read the latest news (about ACEC/NC, legislative issues, key projects in the state, videos, etc.)
    13. Join a committee
    14. Support our legislative agenda
    15. Provide a platform for member feedback on a variety of issues
    16. Provide useful analytics to more fully understand members’ interests, needs and activities
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