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2023 EEA Submittals

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Call for Entries 2023 Engineering Excellence Awards

General Criteria

  1. Member engineering firms' entries must be submitted through ACEC/NC to qualify for the National Competition at ACEC.
  2. Projects entered in the ACEC/NC competition must have been executed by a company physically located in North Carolina.  The project may have been outside the state, but the work must have been executed in North Carolina.
  3. Planning & Mapping category must have been publicly disclosed by the clients between November 1, 2019 and October 31, 2022.
  4. All other categories must have been substantially completed and ready for use between November 1, 2019 and October 31, 2022.
  5. Engineering projects that have won awards in other state or national organizations' awards programs may be entered.
  6. Applicants are welcome to submit one project per category. A project not receiving an award in one year may be resubmitted the following year in the same category provided all eligibility criteria are met.
  7. Each entry must be submitted electronically in adherence with the specifications noted on page five of this document.  Non-compliance with the rules will automatically disqualify an entry.  Please read requirements thoroughly.
  8. Deadline for Entry and Payment is September 2, 2022 5pm EST. 

Firm of the Year

2022 ACEC/NC

This year, ACEC/North Carolina is accepting nominations for "ACEC Member Firm of the Year." This prestigious and coveted award recognizes ACEC/NC member firms for their demonstrated leadership in promoting the private practice of engineering through ACEC and their involvement in local communities.

One small firm (1-50 employees) and one large firm (>50 employees) awards will be presented. Current ACEC/NC Board Member firms are excluded from submitting. Winners will be announced at the EEA Gala. Entry fee of $200 covers one registration.

Firms are judged on three important factors:

Contributions to the Success of ACEC/NC

  • Serving in Leadership roles throughout the organization
  • Actively participating on committee(s)
  • Recruitment of a new ACEC/NC member firm
  • Working with a new member/developing firm as a mentor
  • Functioning as a liaison between ACEC/NC and another organization
  • Education within their firm about the benefits of ACEC participation
  • Sponsoring an ACEC/NC event
  • Participating in the state and federal political process in support of ACEC/NC objectives
  • Participation in Future Leaders & Junior Board
  • Participation in the ACEC/NC scholarship program
  • Other related activities

Advancement of the Consulting Design Profession

  • Publishing or speaking on an issue of importance to our industry
  • Working with regulatory or state agencies to benefit our industry
  • Design innovations that transform the industry for the better
  • Entering a project in Engineering Excellence Awards
  • Achieving an industry quality designation, governmental certification or association certificate
  • Creating a strong pipeline of professionals to benefit our industry through internal training and development
  • Promotion of STEM programs in K-12, university and technical schools, through speaking, collaboration, service on boards or scholarships
  • Internal programs that actively promote diversity, equity and inclusion to increase diversity within our profession
  • Other related activities

Community Involvement

  • Encouraging staff to become active in the local community
  • Identifying and promoting opportunities for staff to assist people (young and old) in becoming acquainted with the engineering profession
  • Philanthropic programs to benefit the community
  • Other related activities

Applications should address how your firm demonstrated excellence in each category. Please limit narrative to one page for each evaluation factor.

The deadline to submit is September 2, 2022 Award submittals must be sent as a PDF file via email to


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