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Legislative Tracker

As ACEC/NC shapes our position, we are constantly seeking feedback from member firms regarding the business impacts of proposed legislation. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with feedback on the legislation we are tracking.

Pending Legislation

House Bill 4, Increasing Engagement in STEM Grant Program

House Bill 28, NC Managing Environmental Waste Act of 2023, proposes several measures aimed at addressing environmental waste, specifically focusing on food service ware.

House Bill 198, DOT Legislative Changes-AB, would make various changes to transportation laws in North Carolina as recommended by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

House Bill 431, New Architect Recruitment Act

House Bill 488, Code Council Reorg. and Var. Code Amend

House Bill 511, Enhance Urban Stormwater Management

House Bill 600, Regulatory Reform Act of 2023

House Bill 627, On-Site Wastewater Rules Implementation

House Bill 717, Study MPOs

House Bill 787, DOT ROWs & Easements/Revise Law

Senate Bill 238/House Bill 350, Western Carolina University Engineering Funds

Senate Bill 354, NC TEN

Senate Bill 515, Water and Sewer Affordability

Senate Bill 549, Development Moratoria/Transportation Projects

Senate Bill 580, DOT Legislative Changes-AB

Senate Bill 632, I-95 Toll Prohibition

Senate Bill 637, STIP Grant Anticipation

Senate Bill 675, Land Use Clarifications and Changes

Senate Bill 677, Surveyors Right of Entry

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