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Legislative Tracker

As ACEC/NC shapes our position, we are constantly seeking feedback from member firms regarding the business impacts of proposed legislation. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with feedback on the legislation we are tracking.

Pending Legislation

The following bills are of interest to ACEC member firms, were introduced during the 2023 legislative session, were not enacted into law in 2023, but are eligible for consideration during the 2024 legislative session.

House Bill 5, Would make various changes to the laws applicable to local governments, specifically adding to or removing property from various local governments jurisdictions; establishing the boundary between certain counties; and other similar provisions.

House Bill 28, NC Managing Environmental Waste Act of 2023, proposes several measures aimed at addressing environmental waste, specifically focusing on food service ware.

House Bill 29, Would clarify that real property listed on a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) without financial constraints does not need to be disclosed as a material fact in real estate transactions. The current law allows the North Carolina Real Estate Commission to take action against brokers who omit or misrepresent material facts. Sellers must provide buyers with a disclosure statement covering property characteristics and conditions. The bill specifies that listing a property on an unconstrained CTP is not a material fact, and failure to disclose it alone cannot lead to broker discipline. Parties conveying property must not knowingly make false statements about its inclusion on any transportation plan. The bill would add a subsection to clarify that property inclusion on an unconstrained CTP is not mandatory information in the seller's disclosure form provided to potential buyers. Sellers and agents must not falsely claim property inclusion on such a plan.

House Bill 198, DOT Legislative Changes-AB, would make various changes to transportation laws in North Carolina as recommended by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

House Bill 431, New Architect Recruitment Act – proposes to authorize the North Carolina Board of Architecture and Registered Interior Designers to expend funds to conduct educational courses for Licensed Architects, Registered Interior Designers, and individuals interested in Architecture.

House Bill 511, Enhance Urban Stormwater Management – proposes to clarify certain limitations on state and local Stormwater programs.

House Bill 717, Study MPOs – proposes an act to study public involvement and outreach in transportation planning and transparency, organization, and oversight of metropolitan planning organizations.

House Bill 787, DOT ROWs & Easement/Revise Law – proposes to codify the limits of existing rights-of-way and easements maintained by the Department of Transportation to provide clarity and consistency for persons impacted by previous property transactions that were not documents or recorded in accordance with current requirements.

Senate Bill 515, Water and Sewer Affordability – proposes to lengthen the time for which the Utilities Commission may suspend proposed rates of any Public Utility and Water and Sewer Investment Plan Implementation pending investigation, to require local government water and sewer service providers to determine if the sale of a water or sewer system is in the public interest, and to require a public hearing for certain rates, fees, and charges for customers outside the jurisdictional boundaries of the unit of local government providing the water or sewer service.

Senate Bill 549, Development Moratoria / Transportation Projects – proposes to amend the requirements for local government renewals and extensions on development moratoria imposed due to planned Department of Transportation projects.

Senate Bill 632, I-95 Toll Prohibition – proposes an act to prohibit the imposition of tolls on Interstate 95 (I-95) for ten (10) years and to require the prior approval of the General Assembly for tolling I-95 thereafter.

Senate Bill 637, STIP Grant Anticipation – proposes an act to authorize a local government to borrow money for the purpose of accelerating a location transportation project that is identified for funding under the State Improvement Program (STIP).

Senate Bill 675, Land Use Clarifications and Changes – proposes to allow the siting of schools via Special Use Permit for areas zoned for Commercial use, to clarify that use rights on property are not extinguished by the approval of additional use rights, and to eliminate Municipal Extraterritorial Jurisdiction.

Senate Bill 744, Would “provide regulatory relief to citizens of the state” by reforming environmental permitting programs.

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